The idea that African countries and cities be connected with a strong transportation network especially on road is something of a pan-African vision which has existed since the struggle for independence. Governments, multinational agencies, and business professionals are clear on the huge economic potentials which will be unlocked if Africa is better connected by means of its colonial-era borders.

More than any other continent, Africa is struggling with the high cost of inadequate infrastructure and this prevents her from going very far developmentally. The road network across Africa is below average and this makes transportation, trade, and tourism across the African continent a major problem. In fact, according to financial institution KPMG, the cost of transportation is on the average 50 to 175% more in Africa than in any other part of the world due to the poor road network found in Africa. Crossing a border from one country or state to the next is a complicated affair and the Trans-African Highway which was designed to link several African countries remains uncompleted.

The African Development International Youth Movement Organization will be undertaking road construction throughout the continent and will work with African governments in their road construction agenda. We will carry out construction strategically, with a focus on those road networks which will provide the most benefit to the continent. We will create these roads with modern equipment and machinery capable of setting up roads which meet with 21st century standards. By having these roads fixed, it is our belief that mega opportunities will arise from it, economically and socially.

Also, we would work with local partners and volunteers to bring this dream to light as solutions to better roads won’t work unless driven by local ideas and compatible with local needs and contexts. Collaborations between local partners from engineers to farmers, technicians, laborers and government departments – is critical. Solutions as simple as bringing the local transportation ministry into the fold can produce remarkable results and this is what we hope to achieve.

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