This center would be responsible for policy research, training, mediation, and facilitation related to conflict resolution. It would work as a pan-African organization setup to strengthen the capacity of African institutions and to manage conflict and build peace. There are a lot of issues existing in the African states within countries and between countries which have in no small measure affected the development of Africa as a whole.

Overall, the center will contribute towards the just and sustainable promotion of peace in Africa using constructive and creative approaches to conflict resolution; helping to build the capacity of local, national and regional conflict resolution bodies and creating a framework for conflict resolution and decision making on a global level.

The center is a pan-African establishment with a vision of contributing to the resolution of conflict and reduction of violence in Africa. We will work with peace and security agencies within and outside the continent to ensure we achieve peace all around the continent. We have recognized the role a peaceful Africa plays in the social and economic development of the continent and this is why we have made it a cardinal aspect of our operation.

We will also document whatever resolutions are made and mandate the parties involved to sign African Peace Declarations which would be binding documents targeted at ensuring they keep with their agreements.

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