We will establish an oil refinery to serve the needs of Africa’s oil-producing nations. The refinery will allow them to operate as a single entity, consequently allowing more control over market prices. It will also facilitate the implementation of African pan policies on oil supply, refining and distribution. Though these policies will remain aligned with international agreements, they will also promote local investment and employment. The oil refinery will actively implement industry best practices to ensure the wellbeing of its members and stakeholders in the industry. Our project will improve the quality of fuel on the African market and eliminate pollution from crude oil exportation. We will support (through the refinery) a coordinated regional approach to oil exploration with a common supply chain and also collaborate with downstream stakeholders
such as governments, financial stakeholders, car manufacturers and banks to attract the necessary investment into the oil sector.

In summary, the Oil refinery’s principal objectives are

  • To address economic and social issues resulting from crude oil exploration or from
    importing and distribution across the African continent.
  • To promote a better understanding of the issues which affect the downstream oil industry in
  • To improve communication and cooperation between its members and the international
    oil market.
  • To promote information exchange between members and improve their economic and
    technical performance.

Through the African oil refinery, we intend to improve the African economy and help the
continent attain its transformation goals.

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