The goal of the pan-African Model Farm would be to acquire lands throughout the continent of Africa for massive food production. Food security has been a cause for concern in several parts of Africa and it has resulted in the outbreak of famine-causing death and economic setbacks. The goal of the pan-African Model Farm is to provide access to the necessary food crops needed to fight hunger in African and other parts of the world.

Beyond making Africa self-sustainable in food production, the project looks to create a foreign exchange value from the farm produce. Cash crops like cocoa, groundnut, oil palm, coconut, coffee, cotton, jute, rubber, etc. will be exported to different parts of Africa and industries which use these products within the African continent being supplied at a subsidized rate.

One other area we will be focusing on is capacity building among Africa’s teeming youth population and our goal would be to equip them with the skills needed for mechanized farming. Doubling agricultural productivity is a goal which cannot be attained unless mechanization is accorded utmost importance. We believe farmers in Africa should be able to use modern agricultural technology, both digital and mechanical to boost agriculture sustainably.

Another key consideration we will be looking into is farm profitability and this we will address by giving access to markets, credit and land tenure. The implementation of this policy will require significant contributions from stakeholders which we would reach out to.

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