The farm will acquire vast amounts of land across the African continent for large-scale food production. Food security is a severe problem in many parts of Africa, where it is a significant cause of death and economic decline. The Pan-African Model farm will provide enough food to fight hunger on the continent and other parts of the world. Besides the goal of a self-sustaining African food production system, the project will earn foreign exchange through the sale of cash crops such as cocoa, groundnut, oil palm, coffee, cotton, rubber, jute. The products will be exported to the African countries and industries that need them at a subsidized rate.

We will also focus our resources on building the capacity of Africa’s youth by instilling the skills they need for mechanized farming and digital agriculture. Doing so will increase agricultural productivity, and consequently ensure food security in the continent. As part of our strategy, we intend to tackle farm profitability. We will do this by granting access to markets, credit, and land tenure. Implementing this policy will require significant contributions from our stakeholders, and we will seek their assistance.

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