The pan-African leadership training centre was established to cultivate leadership ability among African youth through capacity building, scholarship, and leadership development practice. The centre’s main objective is to advance ADIYMO’s vision of raising a new generation of leaders for the African continent. We pursue the development of leadership skills via cutting-edge scholarship on leadership development through research, innovative policy solutions, training, and workshops targeting different areas of society, professional practice, governance, and employment. ADIYMO’s programs don’t just instil the theory of leadership. They inspire and stir up the leadership potential in people, and this is what sets them apart.

The centre employs a variety of innovative training methods, all aimed at helping participants experience their lessons as transformational experiences that help them overcome their limitations. The theoretical concepts covered in class will be applied or demonstrated in real-life organisational analyses and site visits. Facilitators will evaluate learner progress through group work, individual assessment, and introspection. The pan-African leadership training centre welcomes all African youth (between the age of 18-35).

Interested persons should be mature, independent, tolerant, open-minded, confident, inquisitive, and thoughtful. The organisation is also looking for individuals who will whole-heartedly commit to the training program by following up on activities in their home countries and participating in exchange programs whenever necessary.

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