The pan-African Leadership Training Centre is established to develop leadership aptitude via capacity building, scholarship and practice in leadership development. The Centre’s main goal is to advance the African Development International Youth Movement Organization’s vision of raising a new generation of leaders for the African Continent. We vigorously pursue the development of leadership skills via cutting-edge scholarship on leadership development through research, innovative policy solutions, training, and workshops targeting different areas of the society, professions, governance, and the world of work.

African Development International Youth Movement Organization is different because her programs are designed to inspire and stir up the leadership potential in people rather than merely teaching people the art of leading. The Centre leverages on a number of different training methods to enable participants to experience leadership as a transformational experience, breaking free from the entrapment of the limitations.

Innovative teaching and training approaches will be used to enhance participant experience and motivation. For example, theoretical content will be used in case studies, real-life organizational analysis, and site visits. Various evaluation methods will be employed including assessment, self-evaluation/introspection and group work by the course facilitator.

The pan-African Leadership Training Centre is looking for young men between the ages of 18 and 35 from countries across the continent of Africa who are looking to embrace leadership positions and work hard to transform their countries. Interested persons should be mature, independent, tolerant, open-minded, confident, inquisitive and thoughtful. Also, we would be on the lookout for persons who are willing to participate in the training program intensively, follow up on activities in their home countries and when required, participate in exchange programs.

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