Studies have shown that Africa has one of weakest public health care systems in the world. With diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, river blindness, Measles, and Polio prevalent in so many countries across the continent, a coordinated response is urgently needed.
The African Development International Youth Movement will establish a Pan African Hospital fitted with modern facilities to manage these health challenges. The hospital will be built at the heart of Africa and will serve as a repository for the medical equipment needed during field
Since we will collaborate with medical professionals and institutions within and outside Africa, the hospital will have the capacity to handle a wide range of illnesses and diseases. It will allow Africans who do not have the resources to fly to Europe or Asia to receive quality treatment at an affordable cost. An initiative of this scale will also achieve a significant decline in medical tourism because it would divert money back into the African economy.
Most of Africa’s healthcare problems are the result of poor infrastructure, labour shortages, and an inadequately-skilled workforce. These issues, combined with inadequate funding, have left pushed the private sector to the forefront of healthcare development. However, unfortunately, private sector funding is expensive, and this is where our intervention proves most useful. By collaborating with foreign aid agencies and governments across Africa, we will build a hospital that offers world-standard health care at a cost that’s affordable for the average African.

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