Reports show that Africa has one of the biggest public health challenges in the world. Diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, river blindness, measles, polio, and others call for a concerted effort towards tackling these problems. In addition, most countries in Africa are challenged by health conditions like cancer, immune diseases, and others.

In light of all this, the African Development International Youth Movement has taken it upon itself to develop a Pan African Hospital equipped with modern facilities which would allow it to manage these health challenges. This hospital will be located at the heart of Africa and will harbor all the medical equipment and machines needed by Africa in the field of medicine.

Also, we would reach out to medical professionals within and outside the African continent. The hospital will handle all sort of diseases and illnesses which are a problem for many Africans. The center will enable Africans incapable of flying out to acquire costly treatment to do so within Africa at an affordable price. An initiative of this nature would allow massive savings in medical tourism and this money can be reinvested into Africa.

Most people are familiar with the problems which face the African health sector with poor infrastructure, a shortage in skilled workers, substandard quality, and a lack of capacity in the existing workforce to mention a name a few. These problems, coupled with inadequate funding of the health sector have pushed the private sector the fore in the development of the African health sector. However, funding from the private sector is expensive and this is why our intervention comes in handy. Working with governments across Africa and foreign aid bodies, we will be able to build a hospital which rivals any in the world and provides health care at affordable prices.

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