The Pan African Cultural Heritage site will be a catalyst for cultural tourism. The centre will work as a showcase for all the different expressions of African culture and expose her rich heritage to the world. Tourism is a significant component of the African economy. In light of this fact, we aim to create a viable economic venture that also promotes the continent’s cultural riches.

For a long time, African culture has been overlooked and undermarketed. There is hardly any marketing infrastructure to support local talent, and this has been worsened by the fact that professional marketing and advertising are prohibitively expensive. As a result, most investors and tourists visiting the continent aren’t aware of the wonderful experiences on offer. The pan African heritage site will showcase a variety of activities such as music, dance, drama, and art.

We will invite talented personalities across the continent to help promote the site and services it offers. In addition, we will hold seminars designed to teach participants about their continent, its culture, economy, and people. These seminars will feature resource personnel from across Africa and beyond, and their primary goal will be to help the African people take pride in their identity and ability. Another aspect our seminars will tackle is the promotion of a common African language.

We have noticed, over the years, that communication is a significant barrier to the unity and growth of Africa, and this, we believe, is where our project will have the most significant impact. Collaborating with linguists across Africa, we have chosen a language that all Africans can learn and relate to (Kiswahili). We believe this move will unify different African cultures into a single entity and help create a single African identity. We will also promote the different forms of African dress and attire. The continent is home to over 3000 tribes, all of whom have a unique attire. We will display these unique attires in exhibitions and fashion shows.

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