This initiative will serve as a catalyst for the development of the culture and heritage market sector. The center will serve as a harbor for all the different forms of African culture, exposing her rich heritage and culture. Tourism is a big part of the African experience and we seek to create a viable economic venture from her tourism potentials while showing the world all she has to offer culturally.

For several years, the African culture has been under-marketed and with little marketing infrastructure in place to support talents, many have suffered neglect. Also, mainstream forms of marketing and advertising have proven to be too costly and this has created a cultural information void. Businesses and tourists are not aware of the products, services and special events which are available across Africa and designed to promote her heritage.

Several kinds of activities will be showcased in the center including music, dance, drama and art. Talented personalities from across the African continent will be invited to the center and we will provide advertising activities to help them market their products. In addition, we will hold seminars designed to teach participants about their continent, its culture, economy and people. These seminars will feature resource persons from across the continent and beyond, and they will be targeted at helping the average African develop pride in themselves and their abilities.

One other aspect which our seminar would focus on is promoting a common language for Africa. Over the years, we have noticed that communication has stood as a barrier to the unity and growth of Africa and this is where this project will be helpful. Collaborating with linguists across Africa, we would come up with a language which all Africans can relate and would easily learn. Basically the KISWAHILI language. This move will unify all the different forms of African culture into one common culture and bring about the true identity of Africans.

Also, we will promote different forms of African dressings and attires. Africa has over 3000 tribes all of which have an attire unique to them. We will showcase these unique attires in the way of exhibitions and fashion shows ethically as per our roots.

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