The pan-African airport will bring together major players in the aviation industry in Africa helping to create a single unified air transport market in Africa. This airport will facilitate access between African states, free exercise of traffic rights, reduction in fares and elimination of restrictions in frequencies and capacities.

The airport will serve as a harbor for all airlines willing to be a part of it and will be equipped with modern facilities to rival the best airports in the world. In promoting unity across the African continent, ease of travel is an essential element and this is why the pan-African airline will come in handy. It will make it easy and affordable for Africans looking to connect with other Africans in the continent whether for business or tourism.

By having an airport like this in place, it will promote and boom trade within the continent and help Africans better understand their continent and its people. We will help regulate fares within the airport and create a fair marketplace for all players ensuring monopolies do not arise. Also, meeting safety and security standards is critical to the success of the pan-African airport and we will have an arm in place to always keep standards in check.

The benefits of the pan-African airport are numerous and not only will it promote unity, but it will also open and connect markets, and facilitating trade and help Africans link into the global supply chain. Opportunities for new jobs will also arise as we will require the services of travel booking agencies, tourism experts, pilots, navigation technicians, and several others.

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