The youth currently constitute about 20% of Africa’s total population. Since they are the continent’s future, they must receive the skills and knowledge required to compete favourably against their peers in other parts of the world. At the Innovation, Value addition and
Incubation Centre, participants will acquire critical technical skills by processing unfinished goods with the aid of modern tools and machinery.
The value and incubation centre will serve as a platform where the ideas of Africa’s young minds will be brought to life.

It will help upcoming entrepreneurs and inventors achieve their goals by offering sources needed for mass production and warehousing. Our trainees will receive instruction in a broad range of disciplines such as agriculture, manufacturing, technology, trade and entrepreneurship. Participants will also gain access to finance, mentorship, networking opportunities, and investment advice in their home countries. The centre will focus its funding on individuals whose innovations are aimed at ending poverty, protecting the environment, and ensuring peace. To ensure participation in the training programs, we will organize innovation seminars to give awards for new inventions and skills. These awards will generate publicity and encourage others to take part.

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