Innovation and talent development is a major issue in Africa and with a teeming young population, there’s the need to equip them with the skills required to cope in a 21st century world. This is the motivation behind us creating an innovation and value incubation center. In this value incubation center, participants would work on unprocessed and unfinished goods, processing them into finished goods with the help of modern tools and machinery.

The value and incubation center would serve as a center for exploring the inventions of young and talented Africans. It will also serve as a solution for African youths to navigate the support services available in our entrepreneurship ecosystem. This will help young persons who are developing sustainable business ideas harness the innovation potential of the continent. We will work in collaboration with entrepreneurs and inventors to mass produce their products and ideas, serving as stores for the finished forms of whatever products are materialized.

It is our goal that with the many training services which will be available in our incubation center, we would reduce unemployment drastically. The training we intend to carry out will cover different areas, from manufacturing to agriculture, technology, trade, entrepreneurship and much more. Participants will gain access to finance, mentorship, networking opportunities and investment ideas found in their country of origin. The center will award financing for youths to develop innovation aimed at ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring that all persons enjoy peace and prosperity.

Finally, as a way of encouraging the persons who participate in the training programs which we organize, we will organize innovation seminars with awards which will be done based on the new inventions and skills. These awards will serve as a way of encouraging other persons to reach for excellence when participating in these programs and as a way of publicizing what we do.

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