Chasing Cholera Out Of Africa – Civil Responsibility For Citizens

Chasing Cholera Out Of Africa – Civil Responsibility For Citizens

23rd February 2019, at Kabowa Parish, Sembule, Kirionda and Nakaiza Zone Rubaga South Division, Kampala

African Development International Youth Movement Organization (ADIYMO) is nonprofit organization, Reg No INDR139301168NB, currently operating in Uganda with a broader vision of the youth protecting and cooperating in all fields of human activity for Africa and global development, with a mission to go build the capacity of African youth in business, leadership, Innovation and policy development.

ADIYMO working alongside the background of a peaceful and prosperous continent, we believe in working on sustainable grounded intervention that addresses the underlying causes and critical issues challenging the continent bringing onto the discussion to manage the vulnerabilities through citizenship frameworks. The organization works towards implementing a series of activities that include leadership training, with a vision of working together to re-launch the African vision ‘’Agenda 2063’’.

The event was organized with the background that Kabowa was faced with cholera that undermined health lifestyles, this necessitated mobilizing and organizing communities of people able to work collectively to address environmental and hygiene challenges within their communities while building a citizenry that strives to build a better society.

ADIYMO working with its partners engaged local leaders, schools, health workers, ministry departments, Red Cross Uganda, Kampala city council urban authorities with the ideal purpose of reawakening civic duty but importantly civic responsibility holding the communities accountable to addressing the challenges that affect them.

The activity was held at Sembule, Kironda and Nakaiza zones in Kabowa parish, Rubaga South Division, Kampala; communities coming together for collective action and community level participation to volunteerism and community service.


Kabowa, despite its locality, Cholera outbreak in the suburb of Kampala with its effect likely to affect the city, there had not been efforts intended to galvanize its containment.

The narrow drainage channels, often full of rainwater, plastic bags, and leftover food, separate homes, and shops in Kabowa, an area in the western portion of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. This is exacerbated by increasing bad waste disposal in drainage channels a situation that increases the risk. Therefore, with the problem increasing due to the absence of civil responsibility, and reduction of civic engagement, ADIYMO and its partners organized around social activities geared towards engaging government, civil society, community groups and youth in activities that enhance their individual love and respect for volunteerism and community service in life.

The event promoted young people’s active citizenship and participation in governance, and community level participation through community cleaning exercise. Through the activity, African Development International Youth Movement Organization addressed a wide range of social, environmental, political challenges designed to influence decision-makers towards action for direct impact while strategically focusing on indirect action influencing Citizens to effect change while addressing a particular social problem in their communities.

Where community service is an integral part of society promoting of social integration and cohesion in society, mobilizing community service engagements equally as a space for formulating strategies for collective action, acting responsibly on the challenges that affect us.

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While working as a community to develop a sense of belonging and ownership to the challenges that are within the means of the community to change, the activity of community cleaning of roads, Drainage system, collection of uncollected garbage, will be a basis for us to recollect on our values based on rights and responsibilities.

Community Cleaning Exercises

It involved slashing tall grasses and clearing-off open public places ridding them of bushy areas; picking, collecting rubbish and garbage plus burning it, and dredging channels to allow the flow of waste water-off.

Blood Donation

With the country scares with blood at the National Blood Service, necessitated mainstreaming health activities especially blood donation drive.


The event applied a people-centered and community-centered participatory approach to project implementation meaning that the focus of the activities was in communities where hygiene was in a bad situation.

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We thank the partners that partnered with us. This event engaged communities in activities that were geared towards enhancing their individual love and respect for volunteerism and community service in life.

Through private-public partnership, the project applied a people-centered and community-centered participatory approach to project implementation meaning that the communities in which the various targeted categories of people reside and spend much of their time were focus of activity implementation.

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