What is the Pan-African Leadership Training Center?

What is the Pan-African Leadership Training Center?

The Pan African Leadership Training Centre will be a place for training the next generation of leaders in Africa. Here upcoming civil servants, business leaders, religious leaders, cultural leaders, and members of parliaments will be trained. We will equip the growing African youth population with the life, leadership and entrepreneurial skills they need to live full, meaningful lives and achieve their highest potential.

We will reach out to as many young Africans as possible, providing them with skills which will increase opportunities for other Africans. The training will create an environment for Africans to access resources which will enable them champion change and drive sustainable businesses. It’s our goal that every youth is inspired, empowered and equipped with the tools for personal and community transformation. It will be a platform for training highly-skilled professionals who will lead cutting-edge research in the state of African youth affairs, nation-building, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, and policy development. Our researchers will be trained resource personnel for public, private and nonprofit sectors.

The core of this training program will promote morality, selflessness, and innovativeness as these have been found to be critical elements lacking in most African leaders. The training program will target the individual and group, providing each trainee with an avenue to showcase all they have learned. They will also be taught the values of contentment and communal wealth as opposed to vainglory hunting which results in hunger for power, property, prestige, popularity, and pomposity.

At the end of each training session, participants will be approved for leadership positions and given certificates of participation in the program. It is our goal that in the coming years, we will have trained millions of African youth directly and indirectly to drive Africa’s realization of its full potential.

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