What is the Pan-African Leadership Training Center?

What is the Pan-African Leadership Training Center?

The pan African leadership training centre will educate the next generation of African leaders. The facility will equip the growing youth population with the life, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills they need to live full, prosperous and meaning-full lives.
Our goal is to reach as many African youths as possible and give them the skills to create jobs livelihoods for their communities. The centre will create a generation of highly skilled professionals who will lead cutting-edge research into the state of African youth affairs, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, and policy development.
At its core, the training program promotes morality, selflessness, and innovation – virtues that many of Africa’s current leaders do not have- through group and individual learning methods that allow the participants to practise all they learn. The program also teaches contentment. As opposed to over-ambition, which leads to an insatiable hunger for power, prosperity and prestige, contentment instils the value of communal wealth, and this teaches our students to care for their communities.
At the end of each training period, participants will receive participation certificates and approvals for leadership positions. Our ultimate goal is to help Africa reach its full potential by training millions of African youth.

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