The Youth Parliament

This Pan African Youth Parliament is a center which will bring African youths together to discuss ideas, plans, and solutions geared at bringing Africa back to its former place of glory.  The continent of Africa has a majority youth population with ages between 18 and 35 which face numerous challenges such as unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, and inequality.

The Pan African Youth Parliament will serve as a center where the African youth will participate in the development of strategic plans aimed at developing the continent. In addition, to carrying out projects that are in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), they will work in tandem with political office holders to ensure they deliver on the promise of a peaceful and prosperous Africa.

One of the major problems the African youth has been faced with is speaking with a common voice and the African Development International Youth Movement Organization has as its agenda, tackling this. It will work with representatives from all across Africa to come up with goals specific to the needs of the African continent and in line with the MDGs.

In developing these strategic goals, the African Development International Youth Movement Organization will recruit capable African youth volunteers who will work to ensure these goals are attained. The parliament will push forward, ease and quicken the achievement of the agenda 2063 of the Africa we want. With our efforts of achieving the pan African youth agenda of 2033 of the Africa we want as an organization.

The Concept

Alongside the background of a peaceful and prosperous Africa, the African Development International Youth Movement Organization begins its nation-building series to develop national strategies targeted at the challenges which destabilize the continent. For example, security challenges like Boko Haram in Nigeria, Xenophobia in South Africa and Al-Shabab in the coast of East Africa are but a few security challenges which will be examined with the aim of creating strategies to manage them. Without peace in Africa, little or nothing can be achieved and this is why getting a peaceful Africa is a major focus.

Also, we seek to promote values that will sustain our society today and in the future. The values, pan-African values, will serve as a vehicle to drive the oneness of Africa and the ultimate goal of our development as a continent. We would work in tandem with parent organizations like the AU and UN to ensure our operations are in line with global developmental standards.

“The Youth protecting and co-operating in all fields of human activity for Africa and global development.”
“Go build the capacity of African youth in Business, Leadership,
Innovation and policy development.”

Our Objectives

  1. To establish a pan African Youth Parliament for positioning young Africans into restoring Africa’s lost Respect and Glory.
  2. To set up a fully equipped pan African International Hospital capable of offering all the Major Medical Services necessary for saving lives.
  3. To acquire all the Equipment and Machinery necessary for Road Construction in order to enforce, participate and encourage African governments into the expansion, repair, and construction of Standardized roads across the continent.
  4. To set up a Peace and Service value Centre to position us to work together with African governments and other security agencies globally into promoting security, peace, and unity in Africa.
  5. To advocate for a pan African Model Oil Refinery capable of boosting the production and processing of crude oil.
  6. To advocate for an International Model pan African Airport for easy Developmental and Mobilization purposes.
  7. To establish a pan African Model Farm for massive food production in order to fight and reduce hunger in Africa and other parts of the world.
  8. To set up innovation, value addition, and incubation centers purposefully for creating Millions of jobs for the youth in Africa.
  9. To set up a pan African Leadership Training Centre for equipping the youth with excellent leadership skills.
  10. To set up a pan African Cultural Heritage Site for sharing and connecting Africa’s culture within and across the Continent.
  11. To discourage Immigration practices by desperate Africans leaving the Continent through involving them in African Development Ventures.